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Frequently Asked Questions

Any recommendations on flights?
- Flying into SJC is the closest however if travelling in a large group, SFO might be cheaper and have more direct flights. It's about 45 min from San Jose. We also recommend checking travelocity for groups of 3 or more since sometimes their flight and hotel package is cheaper than booking flights alone. You can pick any hotel that is free even if it's far) and then book a closer hotel to stay at. If you plan to go to Southern California, book 1 way tickets to SFO and return from LAX, as sometimes their one way deals are a steal.

Where should we stay at?
- We've reserved group rates at the Biltmore as they have the best rates and the most flexible. This rate includes 2 complimentary breakfast buffet coupons for each night stayed and you can probably save those coupons and use it all the last day if your group is big. If you are travelling from out of state we recommend you staying here for the days with the low group rate and explore other cities in California if your stay is extended.

What language is the ceremony in?
- The ceremony and reception will be in Vietnamese. We will try our best to accommodate our English speaking guests but hopefully you will have fun regardless of what language you speak!

How's the reception like?
- At a Vietnamese Reception, guests arrive early for pictures with the bride and groom, and sit down for a banquet. There will be alcohol served however we kindly ask all guests to consume in moderation and remind others as well as we are concerned with your safety and health. We'd like all our guests to be alert when they leave and please have designated driver.