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How We Met

June 19-23, 2002 We both went to training camp (rank 3 leader) for our youth group held in the Bay Area. Cuong flew in with his group from Atlanta and we were placed in the same group. He remembers a gal in pigtails and a cute backpack coming to him as he was handing out name tags. She remembers a tall stranger looking curiously like someone she knew. Throughout camp they picked on each other, but Cuong was nice enough to lend a hand when Truc was washing dishes. Truc in return wiped his hands clean. On one of the days Cuong sang this cutest song and Truc emailed him afterwards for more songs. June 24, 2002, the first email was received so this date has much significance. Emails were sent back and forth, then chatting and one thing led to another and now we're here =).

The Proposal

On our 3 year Anniversary Cuong gave Truc a card enclosed with a poem he had written. Truc had always given him a hard time about not ever writing her a poem and always copying someone else's so it's the sweetest gesture. Later on in the day Cuong told Truc 'you never answered my question.' Truc replied 'what question?' Cuong said 'the question in my card.' So Truc got the card and read again and didn't see any question. Cuong told Truc to read the first word in each line of the poem and it was 'will you marry me' in Vietnamese (Em lấy anh nhé?). Truc responded with a poem with the last word in each line 'I accept, my love' (Anh Yêu Em Chịu) The rest is history =)

Original Rough Translation
Em như nàng tiên dịu hiền You are like the kind gentle fairy
Lấy ánh bình minh chiếu sáng lòng anh Taking the sunshine to brighten my heart
Anh muốn cùng em sống trọn kiếp I want to spend eternity with you
Nhé em, chân tình mãi không phai Will you? With unfading true love...

-Cường Bùi 09/17/05

Original Rough Translation
Đời em đầy màu sắc khi có anh My life is filled with colors when you came
Mang đến cho em hạnh phúc tình yêu Bringing me so much happiness and love
Anh nói anh muốn sống trọn đời với em You said you want to spend the rest of your life with me
Còn em đâu dại gì mà không chịu I'd be crazy not to accept

-Trúc Mai 09/17/05 09/17/05

Tôi dây có một người yêu
Dáng người thon thả, mỹ miều đẹp xinh
Nàng cười êm dịu hữu tình(duyên dáng)
Để chim quên hót ...để mình(tôi) ngẩn ngơ
Thương nàng tôi..dệt vần thơ
Viết lên nét đẹp ngây thơ của nàng
Mong ngày kia gió xuân sang
Tôi nàng kết tóc, rở ràng mộng say ...!!

Dù cho xa cách anh yêu
Từng đêm em vẫn nhớ nhiều về anh
Làm sao quên mối tình xanh?
Làm sao có thể quên nhanh tình đầu?
Em nhìn mây gió nguyện cầu
Một ngày nắng kết muôn màu yêu thương
Anh về ta kết tơ vương
Em yêu anh mãi, cửu trường bên anh.